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Tried & True Plant Combination for Shady Spots

Our Spring 2023 plant sale events are starting now and we're offering hundreds of amazing new and tried & true perennials, ornamental grasses, shrubs, cacti and succulents. We're showcasing interesting plant combinations as inspiration for designing a small space or an entire garden.

A great trio for areas with dappled sun or partial shade.

Take a look at this combination of new Aquilegia eximia (King's Crown Columbine) and tried and true Festuca 'Siskiyou Blue' with Heuchera 'Weston Pink'. Aquilegia eximia and Heuchera 'Weston Pink are both long-blooming perennials that will provide abundant flowers from late spring through summer. Festuca 'Siskiyou Blue' provides a vivid contrast with its bright blue foliage.

Penstemon virens

Serpentine Columbine (Aquilegia eximia) is an uncommon CA native, with huge, downward-facing orange and yellow flowers that bloom for many months beginning in late spring. An exceptional Columbine, Aquilegia eximia (also known as King’s Crown Columbine) can be quite tall and is a good choice for planting in shade and semi-shade beds. A vigorous re-seeder, use Serpentine Columbine to naturalize the shady areas of your landscape. Enjoys moisture and alkaline soils. 36-60" tall x 15-18" wide.

Salvia Raspberry Delight®

Tried and True native ornamental grass!

Festuca Siskiyou Blue is a new selection of the native Idaho Fescue, notable for its enticing spruce-blue foliage. The thin leaves are much longer than the more familiar Festuca glauca, giving 'Siskiyou Blue' a softer, more graceful look. It blooms in the late spring producing tall, straight tan flower spikes typical of Festuca grass. 15-16" tall x 15" wide

Gaura lindheimeri 'Rosyjane'

Tried and True perennial

Weston Pink Coral Bells (Heuchera sanguinea ‘Weston Pink’) has everblooming sprays of coral-pink flowers that cover the plant all summer long. I thought we had lost this vigorous and long-lived plant but found a couple of plants in a Santa Fe garden to use as stock for cuttings, and we have it back now. Originally discovered in an English nursery, it was brought to the U.S. by Digging Dog Nursery about two decades ago. 16-18" tall x 12-15" wide.​

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