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7 Plant Combos with Benefits

Plants always look better when combined with other plants that provide pleasing contrasts with flower color, plant form and foliage texture. Here are a few plant combinations that not only look great together but also have the same preferred growing conditions, watering requirements and soil preferences that are well matched.

Container Combo

Sun loving, everblooming combinations for potted gardens.

These everblooming perennials make a winning color combination. Petunia exerta grows as a small shrub that is perfect for surrounding with compact growing ‘Tight and Tidy’ and its cute-as-button pure blue, yellow centered daisies.

Garden Combos

Garden pairings that delight with colorful flowers and the pollinators they attract.

This long blooming combination is a bountiful nectar source for bees and butterflies. And ‘Buena Vista’ is a wonderful English lavender renowned for its fragrance and ability to bloom in early summer and again in early fall.

Purple and yellow are always a winning combination, making this everblooming pair a delight for hot sunny spots in the garden. Engelmannia is a magnet for butterflies and bees that love its yellow daisies while Dark Shadows attracts hummingbirds and bumblebees.

These two friends are perfect for a dappled shade or morning sun/afternoon shade spot in the garden where their contrasting flower shapes and colors are a delight. Both of these perennials are ever-blooming providing months of pleasing colors for you and the pollinators.

For pots or rock gardens, Delosperma and cold hardy cacti are a winning combination that provide delightful spring color flowers. Garnet is a small, low-growing growing, everblooming succulent that makes a nice carpet to surround the upright growing stems of the cacti.

Gaura 'Rosy Jane' ((Pink Appleblossom Grass) & Salvia sylvestris 'Caradonna' (European Meadow Sage)

The white and pink appleblossom shaped flowers of Rosy Jane are perfect foil for the dark blue flower spikes of ‘Caradonna’. Sun loving, these two perennials are a good choice for sunny spots that get some supplemental irrigation. Deadhead to keep the flowers coming all summer.

This is an ever-blooming pair of Old World perennials that provide you with flowers and fragrance all summer long. Both perennials have highly aromatic foliage that keeps the rabbits away and attracts lots of honey and native bees with their nectar-rich flowers.

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