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Featured Plants- Week 2 May Plant Sale Events

At WATERWISE Gardening, we're always bringing new plants from our big greenhouse out to the sales area benches. This week we're featuring the following plants. Read, design, plant and enjoy!

Echinacea 'Cheyenne Spirit' is a superior seed-grown mix of red, orange,yellow and rose-pink purple cone flowers. Vigorous plants are cold hardy and grow well in our high desert climate when given enriched soil (compost and Yum Yum Mix) and regular watering. Highly attractive to bumblebees, butterflies and an occasional hummingbird.

Phlox nana is a highly sought after New Mexico wildflower is long blooming with sweetly scented deep pink flowers. Very xeric (waterwise) once established it lives for years in your landscape with minimal care. Previously unavailable to the gardening public, Waterwise Gardening is the only nursery that has figured out how to propagate this plant in large numbers.

This heirloom petunia, Petunia Blacony Mix, has been grown by generations of gardeners who enjoy its sweet fragrance and cheerful mix of colors. Big and vigorous growing, these make nice cascading plants for large pots or tall upright specimens in flower beds. Their nectar is enjoyed by hummingbirds and hawk moths.

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