The most exciting, uniquely new ornamental grass introduction of the decade. 


Bouteloua gracilis 'Blonde Ambition' PP22048 just got a significant nod from the industry. It was named a Top Performer by the Plant Select ® program. Not only was it named a top performer, it was the grand winner for both 2015 and 2016.  Learn how your company can become a grower/propagator to meet the huge demand for this low water, native grass.

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David Salman is a specialist, propagating and growing waterwise plants. He has introduced more than 50 improved hybrid, Old World and native plants sold through High Country Gardens over the past 20 years. His new company, WATERWISE Gardening is where David is continuing to focus on the breeding and improvement of cold hardy, xeric (water-wise), ornamental and habitat improving plants.  

  • Lavender angustifolia ‘WWG02’ FlowerKisser™ After Midnight English Lavender(2019)

  • Monardella odoratissima ‘WWG04’ FlowerKisser™ Arizona Beauty (2019)

  • Salvia x 'WWG01' FlowerKisser™ Dark Shadows Sage (2019)

  • Salvia greggii ‘WWG03' FlowerKisser™ Coral Pink Sage (2019)

  • Salvia greggii ‘WWG05' FlowerKisser™ Royal Rose Sage (2020)

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I’m pleased to announce the release of my new plant line FlowerKisser™ brand perennials. These new perennial introductions are particularly nectar-rich and attract many pollinators, including honey bees, native bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. “Flower kisser” is the translation of the Portuguese word for hummingbird used in Brazil. (Brazil is home to more hummingbird species than any other place on the planet.)  FlowerKisser™ perennials have been selected for their beautiful flower colors, their resilient garden performance in tough growing conditions and their value to all types of pollinators that feed on their abundant nectar.  Look for these new perennials and more at our WATERWISE Gardening Spring sale events and through High Country Gardens.