David Salman on January 29th, 2010

Over the past two years, High Country Gardens has been calling attention to the plight of pollinators like the honeybee and native bees/bumblebees. Their populations are crashing principally as a result of mankind’s chemically dependent agricultural practices, centralized food production, exotic pathogens and habitat destruction. Without robust populations of bees and other pollinators the world’s […]

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Lawns are a mainstay of American landscapes. But traditional lawn care and maintenance methods are an ecological nightmare. American gardeners and landscape professionals need to make a concerted effort to make our lawns more eco-sensible. Share on Facebook

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David Salman on January 5th, 2010

I’m not one for making lots of New Year’s resolutions. But I did promise myself that I’d get my collection of cacti and succulents re-potted this winter. Because High Country Gardens is such a large grower of cold hardy cacti and South African succulents, we like to grow seed of my favorite plants. Often commercial […]

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