Now that High Country Gardens has teamed up with American Meadows, one of the most well-respected providers of wildflower seeds in the country, it’s time to talk seed!

With our new partnership not only will we continue to feature our customer favorites such as our ‘No Mow’ Lawn Mix and ‘Native Western Wildflower Mix’ but we’ll be expanding our selection to include mixes such as a ‘Western Xeriscape Wildflower Mix’, ‘Honey Bee Wildflower Mix’ and ‘Dry Area Mix’ just to name a few.

I’m excited to share my 20+ years of wildflower expertise with the loyal following of gardeners here at High Country Gardens!

In the coming weeks we’ll be introducing a variety of new mixtures and individual species designed to perform well with minimal watering, keeping eco-friendly gardening at the forefront.

Wildflowers can make a nice addition to any garden and fit perfectly with the xeriscaping theme’s that David continues to pioneer here at High Country Gardens.

Our friends at the National Gardening Bureau have declared 2013 the “Year of the Wildflower” so there’s no better time to introduce yourself to wildflowers. Whether planting your first meadow or incorporating into your perennial gardens, wildflowers can make a nice addition to any garden.

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